Quality & Halal Foods

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Prayer Rooms

As much as Imamoğlu in Manchester is a venue for family, food and laughter, we also make a peaceful space for worship. Segregated with full abdest (Turkish for Wudu/Ablution) facilities for men and women, we are able to provide regular prayers for a large number of worshippers at any one time.


Car Park

We have a car park where you can park your car safely while eating. Our parking lot, monitored by cameras 24/7, is extremely safe.

Our Story

Until I discovered cooking I was never
really interested in anything

Essentially, we want every customer that comes to Imamoğlu to be able to taste the Turkish taste of Gaziantep in Manchester.

Imamoğlu represents hospitality and love of food that we share with our customers. Like my father, I welcome you to try a taste of authentic Turkish food as you experience hospitality like no other. Our sensibilities will treat you like family and cater to your every need.

Though we are Imamoğlu by name, we are Imamoğlu by nature.